What is all you need to know to prepare for the class 9 maths Olympiad?

class 9 maths

Success in the Olympiad examination depends on how the candidate is preparing, which mainly depends on the amount of hard work they do with smartness. Olympiad is an international-level examination conducted across the globe on various subjects. Class 9 & 10 is the most critical period in a student’s life as it is the basis for their future. Unfortunately, students undergo pressure and stress academically by studying a hectic syllabus and failing to understand the concepts. So they have to be introduced and encouraged by their teachers to take up this olympiad examination in all subjects, especially in mathematics. Here we will look into some important things to know to prepare for the Olympiad exam at class 9 level.

Students have to be prepared with the concepts right from a number system to critical math problems. The subject matter experts know the students’ psychology well, and the question paper is set accordingly. The question paper may also have technical issues requiring thorough practical knowledge to solve these problems. To do so, one has to be familiar with the syllabus and should compare the one with the school syllabus. Also, it should be noted that it is not a school-level exam, but some concepts learned from school can be applied. Once the curriculum is analyzed, the students may start their preparation journey towards success.

It is advised to make notes of the concepts learned/taught strictly and adhere to them regularly. It is also necessary to follow the suitable study material, preferably by having a textbook. Then make the right strategic plan by identifying your areas of interest and also the weak spots—a method to prepare them accordingly by managing time. Finally, practice more problems every day by taking half an hour break. While practicing, if you are stuck up in the middle, have the ready reckoner to find the correct method of finding solutions.

Identify the mistakes you make while practicing and try to rectify them as and when you do so. If any doubt arises, kindly get clarified with your subject teacher. They may be the right choice to help you out. Spend an enormous amount of time practicing to obtain a top score that is to be in the top 20%. Manage time efficiently while practicing. Time is an essential factor during preparation as you have to prepare for hectic topics and complex problems.

Time management not only plays a crucial factor in your preparation but also during the time of examination. If the time elapses, you will miss the great opportunity of becoming a champion despite your complex preparation. So to manage time, subscribe for available online tests.

So that you will be able to understand the level of your preparation and the capability of managing time efficiently, don’t worry if you cannot stick to the time on your first attempt. Gradually the speed can be increased by practicing more and attempting more mock tests. Previous year’s sample papers can also be downloaded and used as a reference to understand the level of questions and the pattern. The IMO Sample Paper 1 with Answers For Class 9 can be referred via the following link https://www.vedantu.com/olympiad/imo-maths-olympiad-sample-question-paper-1-class-9

Being optimistic and having the right attitude is very important while taking up any examination. Do not get discouraged by any factors or negative influencers. Do not put yourself under pressure and stress. It is essential to realize that it is your life at the end of the day, and no one will be responsible for the things that happen to you, whether it is good or bad. Under extreme stress, stay calm, drink plenty of water, practice yoga and meditation.

Kindly try not to get influenced by your friends in learning a new concept at the last moment. Since mathematics requires more practice, the images you know at the last minute will create confusion even on the topic you are well-versed in. At the same time, the amount of confidence you have in yourself should push you towards your success.

The day before the exam, sit and relax and don’t do overstudy or late-night study. Try to have a good and sufficient amount of sleep of around six to seven hours. Sleeping helps to boost your memory power and also helps to reduce stress. Also, it is advised to avoid junk food at least ten days before the examination and stick to the diet chart, ensuring a proper diet. Henceforth eat healthily and stay healthy. Do not fall sick.

On the day of examination, take a deep breath, sit back, and relax. Do not take too much stress. Questions may be tricky but do not be discouraged. It is generally set in a way to test the concepts, not to judge you. As the Olympiad examination is conducted online, it is better to go to the exam center earlier. Carry all the necessary things like a hall ticket, a simple pen, a water bottle, etc. Once you enter the exam hall, stay calm and composed. Check whether the system allotted to you is in good working condition. If not, report immediately once the exam begins, scroll through all the questions at once. Try to attempt the questions which you feel are easy. Do not waste time on the questions to which you can’t find the solution—once done with the questions, if possible, try to check whether all the questions have been answered correctly as it is Multiple choice questions. Finally, complete the exam and come out of the exam cheerfully.

Don’t discuss any answers with your peers, as they may also be wrong. Despite putting in more effort and working hard sometimes, luck may not favor you. In such cases, avoid getting depressed and believe that the destined path is always fruitful in god’s hands.

Best wishes.


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