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alex knight v 8xUFwLpE4 unsplash

If you’ve ever found yourself in the situation of having spent the last three hours in a room with an erratic, authoritarian teacher who makes no sense and doesn’t care about what you think, then welcome to the club. 

After graduating from art college I earned a living as a freelance illustrator and designer, but I also taught for three years at an art school. 

My background is in design and illustration and my career was going well. 

The answer is discussed here, why the hell are you here teacher myanimelist?

I could live and work and pay the bills doing what I loved. Teaching was just a way to make some extra cash.

It didn’t last long. From the start it was hard, we had no resources, the room was cold, too cold to be comfortable, let alone actually working on something creative. We had no storage space for our things, so all of our equipment was either on desks or on the floor in front of them.

Here are some points discussed about the movie Why the hell are you here teacher-

1. Pacing

The teacher moves around restlessly, sometimes she leans on her desk with her face in her hands. She gesticulates wildly, sometimes at the window, sometimes at the blackboard. 

Somewhere along the way, she gets to know her class and herself over the course of the school year. But before that she goes through several states of mind, each one set to its own distinctive score. 

There’s an early scene where she takes a bunch of kids on a kind of wild goose chase around town, asking them to figure out “what is beauty?” 

It’s not clear if anything comes out of this exercise or if any conclusions are actually drawn.

It’s a kind of hustle designed to distract them from the reason they’re there. She assigns them various little projects as she’s waiting for people to arrive and use up their five minutes of free time. 

2. The Interruption

When she ends up in front of the blackboard, she stands still. What appears to be a hunt for a word or a missing phrase is actually a search for something to say. When the words fail her, she stands there wondering what to do next. 

3. The Demonstration

As she moves about the room, the teacher demonstrates something with her hands, sometimes shaking them out in an elaborate kind of shimmy that is meant to set up an idea that will be elaborated on later in the film. 

The class never seems to be sure exactly what they are supposed to take away from it. It’s a momentary thing, a gesture, a rubbing out of an imaginary word or two on the blackboard.

In one later scene when there is a lot of yelling going on, things get heated and the teacher starts doing her shimmy thing in front of the class. It’s not quite clear why she does it. 

4. The Sniffle

A great deal of Carax’s dialogue in this film consists of repeated questions that don’t seem to generate an answer, or at least an answer that anyone has been able to record in a classroom setting. 

As the teacher begins to unravel at the seams, she begins to ask herself these self-interrupting questions. 

She seems interested in them, but it’s clear that she has already answered them for herself. The students aren’t paying attention or they are not listening to themselves think. 

5. The Fact Slip

This is one of the toughest things about being a teacher, keeping your mind straight when your brain is full of minutiae. 

On several occasions in this film, Carax cuts away from the classroom to shots of the teacher asleep or alone at her desk or wandering around town during her free time. 

She seems to have a lot going on. Sometimes the camera cuts away from her as she is about to speak or show something, or she begins to speak only to find that she has forgotten what she was supposed to say. 

Like many people who have been through hard life lessons, her body tells the truth of her experience long before her conscious mind does. 

When things get bad and the facts slip out of your brain like stones out of a shoe, you can’t really blame anyone else for not understanding you. 

6. The Confession

When the teacher is in her own mind and she begins to talk to herself, she begins to confess. She tells herself all of the things she was told and done and didn’t want to do or couldn’t do. 

She’s not really sure what she wants anymore and she doesn’t really care about anything else. In these moments, the school has been left behind because it no longer matters. 


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