Ten Benefits Of Technical SEO Audit That May Change Your Perspective


For many years, the assumption was that SEOs didn’t need to worry about technical SEO. The idea was that Google’s algorithms were so sophisticated that they could detect and penalize poor website design, poor code quality and other problems.

It turns out, however, that this belief was misplaced. Google’s algorithms are not as sophisticated as they are made out to be. Instead of being able to sniff out all kinds of bad practices from a distance (as some people had hoped), it turns out the algorithms often can’t tell the difference between good and bad sites or identify a site’s weak points without very specific signals in place.

This is why technical SEO service for cannabis companies matters and why every website owner should consider getting a technical SEO audit to help them identify and fix any problems. Here are ten benefits one might expect from a technical SEO audit that may not be so evident.

Ten Benefits Of Technical SEO Audit That May Change Your Perspective :

1. Increase Website Rankings:  

The technical SEO audit will help you to identify and fix your site’s weak points. Even if the website is already ranked very high in the SERPs, technical SEO will help it move higher up in the SERPs. For example, if you regularly use keyword stuffing or crawl errors can cause 404 errors , a technical SEO audit can tell you which keywords or URLs are used frequently on your site and so provide a way to optimize them. 

Therefore, emphasizing a certain phrase may improve your search visibility by taking pages that aren’t relevant to visitors off the index .

2. Decrease the Website’s Bounce Rate:  

Bounce rate is a popular metric and many SEOs use it to determine rankings. If the bounce rate is too high, some SEOs will think your site is not relevant for search users. Technical SEO audit can help you eliminate irrelevant pages from the index without affecting end-user experience. Reddit, for example, has a large share of traffic from Google indexed pages.

3. Improve Website Usability and User Experience:  

Poor user experience generally leads to loss in business. Technical SEO audit is a must to make your website easy to use. Poor crawling and indexing results can make the website slow, especially for users with slow connections. Fixing this problem can make your site more appealing for users .

Furthermore, by improving how your site is coded, you can improve the speed of user experience. A good technical SEO audit will help you identify and fix any problems with any kind of code that could slow down a search engine from processing it quickly and comprehensively.

4. Increase the Visibility of Your Brand:

Technical SEO audit is a must to ensure that you have all the necessary keywords, keywords phrases, and other information published on your website. Even if you have the best keyword research, if it’s not displayed on the page and you don’t optimize your website for these keywords, then there is no use having them as part of your domain name.

 You can get a technical SEO analysis for free or for a nominal fee that will help you identify any potential issues related to how well your site is optimized and will help increase brand visibility.

5. Increase the Traffic to Your Website:

Technical SEO audit is a must to get a better idea of how search engines crawl and index your website. Google uses crawlers and spiders for this purpose, but what these bots see can be quite different from what human visitors experience. This is because the algorithms used to crawl and index your site are specifically designed to ensure that Google gets the richest data possible from your site.

 However, the algorithms cannot replicate human experience. For example, the crawlers have trouble reading JavaScript . They also have trouble reading images in search results. To fix this, you need to use special tools to look at the data Google is finding on your site. This will help you identify and fix any problems the crawlers may have with your page.

6. Increase Your Website Traffic Through Social Media:  

Some SEOs advise website owners to concentrate on social media marketing to increase visibility and traffic. Technical SEO audit will help a website owner understand how social media platforms index content on their sites, so they can take steps accordingly to get more visibility and traffic through these platforms.

7. Increase Google’s Trust in Your Site:  

To get a coveted “TrustRank” from Google, you need to have good on-site and off-site SEO practices. Technical SEO audit will help you do this by reviewing your site from a technical perspective, using tools that can assess your website for accuracy, relevance and other important attributes. You can find an excellent technical SEO guide that reviews all the techniques you can use to get an authoritative TrustRank here .

8. Reduce 404 Errors:  

Technical SEO audit will help you reduce crawling errors by identifying the keywords or phrases used on your site and improve indexing by listing the most relevant pages first .For example, if your website has pages with URLs that are different from the page’s main URL , canonicalization can help you provide the correct index page to crawlers using HTML tags in the head section of a page or a robots.txt file on your server, so they know which one is the main page.

9: Increase Your Page Rankings by Getting Your Site Indexed Quickly:  

Technical SEO audit will help you identify and fix any problems with any kind of code that could slow down a search engine from processing it quickly and comprehensively. For example, Google penalizes websites that have duplicate content . Google has a list of the most common duplicate content problems . By fixing them, you can increase your rank in the search engine results pages.

10. Increase Your Site’s TrustRank:  

Google uses many signals to determine which sites to show in their search results, and one of these is TrustRank. This is an indicator of how trustworthy a site is based on its reputation among other websites and social networks, so it’s important if you want your site to be featured in the “top 10” rankings on Google.


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