Lesser known facts about metal roofs.

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Metal roof is becoming a popular choice for both households and businesses for a variety of installation environments. Metal roofs have a large number of added advantages over other roofing choices. If you are wondering why you must choose a metal roof in place of other options available in front of you, these lesser known facts about metal roofs will clearly state why they are the best choice for you.

It is possible to install metal roof over existing roofs

When you have to install metal roofs over other existing roofs, you will not have to tear off the shingles. If you have to remove the shingles it might increase the cost of installation. These days, vented metal roofs are available that can make it possible to install them over the existing roof without the problem of moisture being trapped in between the two layers. Alternatively, metal roofs can also be installed over furring strips in order to provide ventilation air pockets between layers. 

Metal roofs do not cause more noise than asphalt roofs

Many people think metal roofs are noisier. This is in fact a misconception. When installed properly, metal roofs do not make noise during rains and hails. Typically metal roofs are installed over a solid substrate and in addition, the attic and insulation help achieve a sound barrier. Staying indoors under a metal roof, very few people experience increased sounds when metal roofs are installed. 

Metal roofs do not attract lightning

Statistics show us that metal roofs are not the prime targets of lightning. Metal Construction Association has revealed the fact that metal roofing does not increase the risk of a lightning strike. In fact the added advantage of a metal roofing option ensues from the fact that metal roof is less combustible when compared to wood shakes and shingles. Since metal roofs conduct electricity in a better way they help dissipate the power during a lightning strike and hence they are the best option to combat lightning.

Metal roofs are cost effective

Most metal roofing options are less expensive than asphalt shingles. Metal roofs can last for over 50 years. With regular maintenance, metal roofs have been known to last from 40 to 70 years. While you will have to replace the other kinds of roofs during your lifetime, you might not need to replace a metal roof for your lifetime once it is installed. This lets you derive more value for the investment you make on them.

Metal roof is resistant to many kinds of damages

The most common kinds of hazards faced by other roofing options are due to insects, fire, mildew and rot. Metal roofs are not corroded by these hazards. Snow does not stay on the metal roof as it slides off quickly as metal roof conducts heat quickly under sun.

When you wish to go for metal roofs, always work with reputed and reliable metal roof installers Ottawa so that you will get the best value for your hard earned money and will perfectly achieve the purpose for which you are installing the metal roof. 


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