Key things you MUST include on real estate postcards just sold!

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If you are trying to think of the best way you can get new real estate clients for your business, then think of what you can include in your advertising and marketing tactics. There are certain aspects of your business, your personality, your background, and your aesthetic that are essential to getting new clients and expanding your customer base. Why would you use a black and white just sold postcard if you can use a bright pop of color? Keep these tips in mind when designing your next just sold real estate postcards from the local demographic!

6 things to include on your real estate postcards just sold!

When you are brainstorming must-have features for your just sold real estate postcard, here are certain things that come to mind – pictures of houses, pictures of you, and information. But what are the essentials that cannot be forgotten? Click here to find out more about her!

Photo of the house you just sold

Arguably the most important characteristic of the real estate postcards just sold is the house that you just sold! If you just sold a city apartment, make sure you put a picture of an apartment on the postcard. If you just sold a multi-million dollar mansion, put a picture of a luxury home on the front of the postcard! Make sure the hothouse that you just sold reflects the photo on the postcard.

Contact information

If you make a real estate postcard – but you do not give your clientele any way to contact you via email or phone number -then they will get rid of your postcard. This will completely backfire, as the whole point of using the postcards is to increase the connection between you and your clients!

Where you work

The next aspect to put on your real estate postcards just sold is where you work. Do you work for a reputable real estate firm in the middle of the city? If so, put your business so new customers know that you are respectable and well-established in the industry

Touch of personalization

Instead of using the same old templates and fonts on your real estate postcards just sold, add something that shows a little bit of your personality. If you really enjoy going fishing or you enjoy drinking coffee, add a little glimpse into your personality by showing a photo of you doing your favorite hobby.

The emphasis that you just sold a home

The fifth thing to consider when making real estate postcards is to emphasize that you just sold the house – make sure the word JUST SOLD is in capital and big letters across the front of the marketing material!

Catchphrase or slogan

The last thing to include on your real estate postcards just sold is your catchphrase or slogan. Does your business have a motto? If so, include this on the bottom of your postcard to stay consistent with business branding.


If you are trying to think of what you absolutely must include on your real estate postcard just sold, there are a few things that you can’t miss. Consider adding a photo of yourself, a photo of the house, and your contact information to avoid any missed customer connections. 


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