Is there any boxing games on PC?

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When it refers to boxing video game titles, we’re in a bit of a rut here. There isn’t much here for gamers to do, and it’s rather limited regardless of platform. There are more VR-based video games on the PC than anything else, but we’re not going to make this list solely about VR boxing video games. While we wait for the return of the EA Fight Night franchise, here are some of the finest boxing video game games available on the PC platform มวยสาล.

1.  Creed: Rise to Glory:

Creed: Rise to Glory is a VR title worth considering if you want a more simulation-based boxing experience. This is a game based on the Creed film franchise in which players take on the character of Adonis Creed as he embarks on his boxing legacy. It’s a significant step up from the previously mentioned VR title, Knockout League because you’ll be dealing with more strategy in your boxing rather than a wackier lighter approach. Players will go through a sequence of bouts, with each opponent being a little tougher to deal with than the last.

However, if you are not interested in competing against artificial AI, you may battle online. This game enables PvP gaming, so you may compete against a buddy or a random person online. It’s also one of the finest boxing video game games to come out in general, which is bad because it requires a gaming PC capable of running a virtual reality headset, as well as a suitable headset with motion controllers.

2.  Knockout League:

Knockout League is a VR-based boxing video game that should not be taken seriously. It’s a humorous boxing game that may appeal to a wide range of players. In this game, players compete in an arcade-style boxing match against opponents ranging from an octopus to a pirate. Similarly, due to the variety of fighters, you’ll need to figure out what methods to employ against the opponent while also understanding what techniques to avoid.

So it’s a puzzle game with crazy opponents, akin to Nintendo’s renowned Punch-Out franchise. It’s also worth mentioning that this game has DLC in the form of Knockout League Heavy Bag. This DLC introduces a new training game in which you practise on various punches, speed, accuracy, and endurance with a heavy bag.

3.  Real Boxing:

Real Boxing, you’ve heard it before on this list, but when it comes to boxing games, the pickings are few, so don’t expect this title to be a smash hit. Having said that, Real Boxing is probably as near to a Fight Night video game as we can go without resorting to emulations and ROMs. Players in Real Boxing will be able to personalise their boxer and work their way up the rankings to become a renowned heavyweights. The mechanics are rather varied, allowing players to deal with hooks, punches, and uppercuts while simultaneously blocking against their opponent.

As previously said, the career mode allows players to work their way up the ranks to become great boxing stars, as well as personalise their character and improve on their stats in between matches. Real Boxing was released in the market in 2014, therefore it is also a somewhat older video game. So, for the time being, we’ll have to wait and see if the creators decide to release another instalment, as this game is presently the greatest non-VR boxing game available for the PC platform.

4. Art of Boxing:

Art of Boxing is presently in early access and was created with a focus on physics-based combat. It’s a bizarre boxing game in which players thrash along in the ring in the hope of knocking the opponent out while also completing minigames when your fighter is in the corner between rounds or practising between fights.

As an early access title, the game is in rough form right now, with lots of potentials for the creators to improve the gameplay, graphics, and physics. So far, people appear to be divided on whether this is a game worth playing right now. While the game is in terrible form, it is at least something for boxing aficionados who are now suffering from a lack of boxing video games.

5.  Cyber Fight Challenge:

We said it in the list’s introduction, but there are no true rivals in the boxing video game lineup that can compete with EA’s Fight Night franchise. However, at $9.99, you could find this game entertaining. It’s a simple boxing game in which you fight as random characters, but there are several elements that help the game seem more like a boxing title.

For example, you must maintain control of your stamina while evading your opponent’s fists and bob and weave from strikes, all while properly setting up your shots. There is also a minigame function to utilise after you are knocked down, similar to Fight Night, so your character can get back on their feet.


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