How You Should Choose The Simple Living

Simple Living

Simple living might sound very sacrificial in the beginning because the glamor of life will always make it look like you are going up too much. 

Yes, you are going up some of the materialistic aspects of your life, but that is what living more holistically is. You detach yourself from the unnecessary materialistic temptations and practice mindfulness which connects your body; mind; and soul.

Plus, simple living gives you fewer complications to worry about. Trust us; you will be more at peace when you start simplifying matters.

In this excerpt below, we will be talking about how you can get rid of unnecessary clutter from your life and start simple living.

Choosing Simple Living Is Easy

There Is nothing more satisfying than a good declutter, then why not filter our lives from the activities, feelings, purchases, and people we do not need.

1. Start Living Minimalistically

Minimalist living has been a trend now, but we cannot blame the individuals following it. It is the most freeing when you have simpler possessions, and you only live by your means. You start saving more when you do not give in to temptations and buy something you might never need. 

2. Limit The Usage Of Technology

Yes, try to limit the usage of technology as they are just increasing your carbon footprint, and the constant use of the internet is not good for the environment. Try to cut down on the time that you use technology. Unsubscribe from OTT platforms to save money, and start downloading a limited number of movies and series from proxy-rarbg.

3. Practice Mindfulness & Being Present

Practice mindfulness whenever you can. We tend to complicate things by being everyone else but in the present. Sometimes scrolling through someone else’s life on social media or being in our head. How about you take more time and just be present in the present. Meditation is a mindful activity you can practice or simply concentrate on your breathing for a few minutes.

4. Cut Down Unnecessary Expenses

If you sit and try to budget your monthly expenses, you will see that the unnecessary expenses are more than ever. Things you might not need and can very well have a better alternative. For example, do you really need the face sheet and a face serum when they both do the same thing? It wouldn’t be easier and much more sustainable if you cut down on one.

5. Support Indie Brands

Do not jump behind fast fashion and fast manufacturing too much. You can even cut down on designer brands and buy much reasonably priced items from indie brands. You will be getting organic products with no nasty chemicals which cause harm to you and your environment. 

6. Have A Simple Diet

You do not have to add everything that influencers ask for your daily diet. The goal is for it to be healthy, right? You can easily achieve that without spending $100 on a smoothie bowl every day. Plus, did you know you can get fruits cheaper if you do not buy them pre-cut. 

7. Stop Getting What You Don’t Need

Don’t we all have subscriptions to newsletters, newspapers, and magazines which we do not read anymore? What is the point of all this paper and technological waste piling up? This weekend sit and cancel your subscription to everything which you do not use anymore. Declutter your email inbox, and see how relieved you will feel. 

8. Make A Simple Schedule

Don’t try to do too much in a day. When you make a simple schedule giving ample time to each task, you will be able to accomplish the task much better and be more productive. Therefore, make a short schedule and a simple to-do list, and get everything done much more efficiently. 

Practice Self Love!

You should practice and preach self-love. One important aspect of simple living is taking care of yourself, so you do not need social media followers, technology, and too many expensive items to do so.

It is like an hour every day you attend to yourself, maybe be a little selfish and find out more ways which can make your life easier and better.


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