How to get started with digital painting- a beginners’ guide

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If you are planning to get started with digital painting, Two questions might have crossed your mind. 

  • Digital illustration tools are expensive 
  • Can I start drawing with my current computer?

If you are new to digital art, the leap might sound intimidating. Using graphical tablets might be tricky. If this makes you worried, read this article. We will share some tips that will help you to get started. 

If you already own a laptop or computer, you can continue using it for digital painting. You can likewise use your DESKTOP if it meets All system requirements. If you find your computer to freeze often, you may add memory to replace it. If you want to purchase a laptop offline or online, you can go through the review information. it makes your purchase experience delta and helps you to make insightful decisions

If you visit a nearby store to purchase a laptop, let someone help you to choose a device that is appropriate for digital drawing tools. It will help them to find a device that meets your requirements. You can follow, which keeps you updated with information related to the latest tools and equipment. Whether it is a scanner or a monitor, you will find the info here. 

From the memory perspective, you can use a 4GB memory desktop or laptop. But we would recommend you to upgrade it to 8 GB or 32 GB memory laptop/ desktop. 

People would recommend you to use a Mac laptop for digital rt purposes, but you can use a Windows laptop without any interruptions. Feel free to use the operating system that you prefer. 

If you are looking for budgeted laptops, Computer brands like Acer, Dell, and Lenovo offer affordable yet professional products.Also check it out Wifi Names for details information.

You can likewise draw using a laptop mobile with a stylus. But, they have Some technological limitations and might limit you from using your power of imagination. ensure that you have a Device that meets your painting requirements. 

In the Technology era, almost all tablets and desktops come with large screens. In general, a device with A larger screen might provide you with sufficient area to draw. There is always a fear that the DISPLAY might be too large For an average painter. You will have problems when your thumb doesn’t touch the area. Ridiculous finger positions might need you to drop the phone or ruin your drawing. It is when a stylus comes in handy. Like other equipment, it needs You to think before buying a stylus. Where you want to express your digital artform or Outline the statistical graph, you need a Stylus. With this tool, you can take your art to the next level.

Choosing the wrong stylus might spoil your art. It sustains palm dismissals to enforce precision. 

Are you looking for a pocket-friendly digital painting tool for beginners? If so, you can try out the Medibank paint. it not only allows you to Paint on your existing desktop, but you can enjoy the same Access on your smartphone. Yes, MediBang paint is free-to-use and works on iOS, Android laptops, and Smartphones.

What does Mediblang give you?

  • It gives you a set of brushes and tools.
  • It offers collaborative tools compatible with cloud sharing.
  • It has the largest collection of pre-installed tools.

Final Words 

When drawing using traditional techniques, your supplies would often run out, and you have to purchase stuff time and again. But in digital painting, you don’t have to do that and it will cost you less in the long run. 


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