Graphic Design Secrets: 10 Questions to Ask


Graphic designers are always looking for ways to improve their skills and techniques. It is a competitive field, so it’s important that you up your game! In this blog post Abavideonews will discuss the top 10 questions you should ask before beginning a new project.

Graphic designers are constantly looking for ways to improve their skills and techniques. Graphic design is a competitive field, so it’s important that you up your game! In this blog post we’ll discuss the top ten questions you should ask before beginning a new project. Graphic design is constantly evolving. It means there will always be something new to learn even after years of experience in the industry! 

Here are our recommendations when preparing for any graphic design project:

  • What does my client want? What kind of audience am I targeting? Who specifically needs or wants what I’m designing? How can I add value to their lives or business?
  • What am I designing, and when do they need it? Graphic design deadlines can be tight. Aiming for a realistic timeline is important to the success of any project. Always consider how much time you’ll need in order to create your designs.
  • What are my resources available? How many revisions will my client allow me along the way? Are there specific file types required that I should know about before starting on this project (i.e., PSD vs JPEG)?
  • Who else is involved with this project, and what are their roles within our team?”
  • Which graphic elements are most important to my target audience?
  • Graphic designers must always consider their clients and understand who they’re designing for in order to create effective designs that meet business or personal goals.

Do I have enough examples from which I can draw inspiration?

Good ideas come when we least expect them, so being prepared often makes everything easier! Keeping lists of color palettes, fonts or other images will ensure you have plenty of options later down the road when things get stressful during production time!

What do I want to achieve at the end of this project?

Graphic designers must keep their personal interests and goals in mind when working on any project. This will help guide them towards success! The most effective designs are those with clear purpose behind them.”

Who else has worked on similar projects before me?

Graphic designers should always look for inspiration within their own fields by studying past works made by other professionals. Whether they’re looking for ideas about color palettes or layout themes, keeping an eye out for competitors can be very beneficial!”

How can I differentiate myself from competition?

Graphic design is a competitive field, so it’s important that you stand apart from the rest. What makes your work unique? Are there specific skills or techniques you offer that set you apart in this industry?

Graphic Design Tricks

Graphic designers have plenty of tricks up their sleeves. They might not always be immediately apparent. But when you take note of them either by walking out on your own designs or asking somebody else for an outside opinion it becomes clear as day where these tips come from.

The First Question: What Will I Be Doing?

This seems like such a simple question. Because it’s one which practically anyone can answer right away without any hesitation whatsoever. However graphic designers will ask this quite often in order to determine how the rest of the designing process will go. Graphic designers need to know what they’ll be working with, whether it’s text-heavy or image heavy and exactly how much work is required in order for them to complete their assignment.

The Second Question: How Much Time Will I Have?

Again, this question seems like such an obvious thing that nobody would ask. However graphic designers might have a strict deadline which needs to be met. So asking about time management can ensure they’re able to deliver on time without sacrificing quality. Graphic Designers also want to work out how many hours they should put into each project if there isn’t any specific timeline set by the client. While some projects may not take more than half an hour, others could eat up all of the designer’s time.

Graphic Designers also want to ask about how many revisions they can make, as this will have a big impact on their work ethic. If there are only two or three design drafts, designers know that it might be best to spend more time perfecting each project before sending them through for approval. But if clients allow infinite amendments then graphic designers can send in their first draft knowing that they’ll never get scolded for not putting enough effort into a piece.

The Third Question: What Should I Include?

GSometimes when you’re given an assignment you don’t quite understand at first glance what your client is asking of you. Graphic designers need to take note of every single detail they know exactly what needs to go into their designs. They might ask for specific fonts, images or colours to be used and they need to make sure that these are provided before starting a project. So there’s no interruption in the process.

Also they want to know what kind of style is required. If it’s clean lined and minimalistic then graphic designers can opt for simple sans-serif fonts with only bold imagery taking up space on the page. If clients have more artistic preferences, then graphic designers will seek out different styles. It could fit into this category such as script handwriting text or funky hand drawn illustrations.

The Fourth Question: How Much Will I Be Paid?

Graphic designers know that they aren’t going into business for themselves by any means. But there’s still plenty of room for negotiation when working as part of a team. Graphic designers want to know what their pay rate will be. So that they can determine how much time should go into each project for example, if a graphic designer is being paid $20 an hour and the job takes them five hours. Then they would end up with $100 worth of labour; while this might not seem like much at first glance, graphics professionals have to make sure that all of their work goes towards making ends meet when clients aren’t willing or able to give more than just pennies on the dollar.


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