Everything You Wanted to Know About Kratom Shots

Kratom Shots

One of the hottest kratom products in the market is shots. They come packed in little bottles of 5 ml or so and contain pure kratom extract in liquid form. These aren’t for the faint-hearted. They deliver mind-blowing effects. 

Too strong to handle? 

Experts recommend kratom shots only to avid kratom users. Beginners may not be able to handle this highly potent concoction. Your body does not know the herb yet. First, let your body get used to kratom and its effects. You can start by using kratom powder or capsules. 

Once you are comfortable with the dose and how the herb makes you feel, try the shots. 

How are shots prepared?

Shots are made from liquid extracts of kratom. The extracts contain highly concentrated alkaloids derived from the leaves of the tree. 

The process begins with harvesting the leaves. The stage at which the leaves are harvested depends on the strain to be produced. If the vendor is producing red kratom shots, they would harvest leaves at the complete maturity stage. If white, then leaves are harvested at a younger stage. 

The harvested leaves are then dried. 

After drying, the vendors mix ethanol or maybe just water with them (that depends on the vendor) and boil them for a long period. 

Heat is vital in making super hit shots like Maeng Da Liquid Kratom Extract Shot. Heat activates alkaloids. After heating, the leaves are strained. They are then pressed and dried. Ultimately, you get a highly concentrated powder strong enough to provide knocking effects. 

Potency of shots

The powdered leaf extract that you get by heating is 50 times more potent than a simple leaf powder of kratom. 

So, even if you are an avid user of this herb, go easy with the shots. Use them with care, lest you may get the side effects. 

You can use shots of kratom for mood, sleep, energy, and likewise. 

Taste of shots

Shots are bitter, no doubt. However, certain vendors add flavors. Yet, many experts are of the view that flavors are unnecessary because you quickly gulp down the shot. It does not get a chance to stay in your mouth, unlike powder. You can brave the bitterness and have a shot. 

Many GMP-certified vendors skip adding flavors. If you are a true kratom lover, you would want to taste the real thing, right?

Search for “kratom near me” and find authentic vendors selling unflavored, caffeine-free kratom shots. For such vendors, quality is the priority. They are more interested in giving you the real thing that works wonders, rather than focusing on flavors. 

Pure kratom shots

Experts recommend choosing a shot that is as pure as possible without added flavors. It must simply be extracted and water. 

Of course, vendors must add preservatives to ensure your shot says fresh for long. So, don’t be alarmed, if you find ingredients like kosher vegetable oil and citric acid present in the shot. They are harmless preservatives that will not affect the potency and taste of the shot. 
You can buy shots of kratom in Mississippi through certified vendors. The products are also available online.


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