Choose The Water Purification Method That Suits Your Requirement Most.


Ultraviolet water purification is the most effective water purification method when it comes to disinfecting bacteria from the raw water. The UV rays penetrate harmful organic substances in your home’s water and terminate disease-causing microbes by attacking their genetic core. The UV water purifier is extremely efficient in removing their capability to replicate. Sanitizing your water with Ultraviolet light is exceptionally simple, highly effective, and naturally safe. UV systems destroy almost 99.99% of destructive microbes without adding any synthetic chemicals or altering your water’s taste or odor. UV water purification is typically used with other purification forms such as reverse osmosis systems or carbon activated filters.  

UV water purification systems are an effective method for water cleaning for residential water at the entry point to disinfect the entire home. UV water purification systems are highly suggested to homeowners who may become suspicious of having microbes or any other bacteria and viruses running water. It is not guided to use chlorine or additional chemically sanitized water like private water suppliers because of the toxic side effect. It is significant to avoid drinking any water possibly polluted by microorganisms to defend yourself from any water-borne microbial diseases.

The Advantages Of Using Ultraviolet Water Purification System

·         Chemical Free water purification

UV purification does not use any synthetic chemicals like chlorine or other harmful by-products. So, you can get environmentally friendly water that is safe from all means of chemicals.

Tasteless And Odor-Free Water

UV water purifier does not add any taste, color, or odor to the water as it can eradicate microbial lives from the water. So, you can get absolutely crystal clear water with no color.

  • Extremely Effective Water Purification

Using UV technology is one of the most effective ways to kill disease-causing microbes by destroying about 99.99% of them. You can also use a UV water filter along with the other basic water purification models.

  • Requires Very Less Energy During Purification

UV water filter also uses the same watt power as it would be required to run a 60 watt light bulb. You just have to replace the UV lamp after one year of continuous usage to save for any extra expanse.

  • UV Water Filter Needs Low Maintenance

Install and forget the UV water system; just need to change the UV bulb yearly. The UV water purifier models are widely known for their reduced utility bills even after continuous use.

Choosing The Right UV Water Purifier System And Its Size

If you are getting water from a private water supplier, it is recommended to treat it with a UV water purifier. To guarantee the highest level of satisfaction, choose the right sized UV water purifier system that suits your actual demands. This is just a measure of how much purified water needs in the main water line if all the water pipes were released simultaneously. So, having an exact matched water purifier system is best to save utility bills.

If you do not have the idea to analyze the amount of water you need for drinking and cooking purposes, then you can consider expert advice as well. Having the right purification system can not only improve the standard of living it also protects your family from various types of water-borne illness. UV water purifiers are available in multiple sizes and models to match every individual’s requirement.

Must Consider The Cost Of Service And Replacement Charges

Before making the final decision about purchasing the UV water purifier, confirm that you never ignore the cost of service replacing the spares. The cost of service may vary as the type and model of water purifier that you are using inside your home. To avoid any confusion and problem in the future, get a clear picture of the cost of servicing the whole system. Another smart foot forward that you can take is to opt for an annual maintenance plan that will help in reducing the repair and spare costs.

Consider The Amount Of Water Your Family Required In A Day

When you are looking for a UV water purifier, don’t forget to think about the family size. The reason is water purifiers come with a storage capacity to make sure that you get purified water even in the power cut situation. So, before making the final judgment comprise the volume of water your family uses along with the water used for cooking. If you have a joint family, it is suitable to go for a countertop or under-the-counter water purifier to fulfill the exact requirements.

  • Finding the right water purifier in India can be confusing because of variable water quality. One major concern with UV water purifiers is that there is an excess of water wastage, often up to 50 %
  • Further, many homes do not actually need an RO water purifier, as the Total Dissolved Solids levels are already within the acceptable range, and the water is clean with just some disinfectant needed. In these conditions, you just have a good capacity UV water purifier to disinfect the water
  • TDS mainly includes excess minerals like calcium, magnesium, sodium, bicarbonates, chlorides, sulfates, and trace amounts of organic matter. TDS can be present from natural sources or in sewage treatment
  • The acceptable standards for drinking water TDS up to 500 milligrams per liter (MG/L) is considerable, though more than that needs a water purifying solution.

Few Last Words About The Selection Of The Best UV Water Purification System

The first thing to consider before choosing a water purifier is the TDS level of water where you are living. You can either check the water TDS level at registered testing labs or use basic kits as well. The primary assessment is always there to check the actual quality of the supply water. It is better to choose a zero water cancellation water purification system to save the life-saving water and secure its presence on the earth. So, there are green UV water purifier models that have low water wastage within the considerable water TDS range.


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