A Guide to Construction Clipart at Any Age

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What is a construction clipart?

Construction clipart are the little images that you find on construction websites that help illustrate your project. They can be used in a variety of ways, but they often serve as symbols for different stages of the project process.

What are some things you would commonly see?

You’ll often see clipart with a house on it to symbolize building a house, or drawing tools like clipart with pencils or hammers to symbolize what kind of work is being done. There are many symbols to choose from when working on construction projects, and we’ll list some here:

– Clip art of two people shaking hands; this is the one word we use most when describing our services online. We shake hands when we make a deal, and this clip art is to show you that we’re available.

Clipart with a pie chart; this one is pretty simple. It symbolizes the fact that it’s our goal to help you maximize your return on investment.

– Clipart of something being built; almost every site has some type of image like this because it’s a great way to represent what you do. Be sure that the one you use is professional, because people will associate your business with it.

– Clip art showing tools such as hammers or saws for carpentry, or pencils for an architect’s office.

– Clip art depicting a city. This is one of the more unusual images, but it represents what we do very well.

– Clip art with a man and woman; this image is used in both the marketing and real estate industries, but what they refer to as a couple could be almost anything. There’s clip art of people on boats and planes, or even just walking around town. This one is more flexible than most, so put your own spin on it by using something that relates to your work.

– Clip art showing two people shaking hands again; this image represents the partnership we have established with you when you hire our company to get the job done for you.


Clipart can serve a number of purposes besides what we’ve listed. There are many benefits, but two that are most important are the fact that it’s immediate, and it’s symbolic. In terms of instant gratification, at a glance you can tell what we’re all about without having to read through tons of text. Symbolic images help to convey emotion as well. For example, don’t you feel more confident when you see someone shaking hands in a picture?

It also serves as an emotional tool for us as well; every time we have to use one of these images, we feel more confident and proud that our services continue to be effective. When we work in the real estate industry, for example, it’s common for our clients to see these images in their portfolios. When this happens, it reassures them that they’re trusting the right company with their project.

Reasons to NOT use construction clipart:

Not only can you use our images as a starting point for your own work, but some professional websites are using them (and we’re not talking about ones that provide construction workers); however it’s still important to note some of the negatives that come with using these images.

First is copyright infringement; there are a number of sites out there that have used our clip art in their portfolios and they’ve forgotten to ask us. We’re not one of those companies, and we’ve been in business for a long time.

Next is plagiarism; it’s not just us that have used our clip art, but there are other companies that have as well. We’ve done everything possible to avoid this, but sometimes it happens. The fact that we’re so established and have been in business for so long gives us the benefit of being protected by the law, but you may not be. For these reasons we highly recommend doing your own research if you’re considering using one of our images in your portfolio or website. 


When we first started using clip art, it was free. Nowadays, it’s not quite as popular, but you can still find some sites that offer them for free. We don’t mind this; in fact we embrace it. However, this does mean that the likelihood of finding one without asking is slim to none. It’s much better to do business with a company such as ours and know exactly where your clip art came from!

As far as cost goes, you’d be surprised how much they can vary. Prices can range from $1 up to $500 per image or more depending on how many images you need and what kind of quality you’re looking for. Be sure to take this into consideration when getting quotes from various companies.


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