4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Physical and Mental Wellness

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What is the one thing you work the hardest to achieve in the world? The one thing that is worth sacrificing everything for? For most of you reading this article, the answer might be material luxuries or even a dream profession that you want to see embodied. 

We now want you to take a moment and see what you’re willing to sacrifice for your dream. 

Most of us are willing to sacrifice our health because it seems like an easier cost to pay than the alternative; financial and material resources. We often consider health an expendable entity, which is certainly not the right approach. 

Our health, whether mental or physical, has the greatest significance. 

Remember, mental and physical wellness go side-by-side. Research has shown that those with good mental health often have a lower risk of struggling with physical health problems and vice versa.  

There are many ways to ensure that you lead a lifestyle that boosts your wellness; some of them have been listed below for you.

1. Dealing With Mental Health Problems and Finding Support

According to Mental Health America, half of the US population struggles with mental health disorders at least once. You’re not alone if you’re struggling mentally; the best action is to seek professional help. 

Institutions like Serenity At Summit are designed to get you through those tough times with various treatments. 

You can maintain a good quality of life if you seek support because living with a mental disorder can be difficult and, at times, very frustrating. Psychiatrists and psychologists often help you deal with your problems one step at a time. 

They break the road to recovery into small achievable milestones so you can easily track your recovery. Moreover, they prescribe you medication that helps you cope with your symptoms. 

Remember, mental health extends to your physical health as well. If you struggle with anxiety, depression, and fatigue, you will be at a greater risk for chronic diseases and conditions like high blood pressure. 

Hence, seek help at the first instance of a problem and follow the doctor’s advice to make the recovery process easier. 

2. Being Active Physically

Exercise, running, and even dancing can help you stay physically active. There are hundreds of benefits of staying active; getting rid of extra body fat, reducing the risk of cardiovascular and diabetic problems, and reducing lethargy are just a few. 

Regular physical exertion also helps you get rid of a lot of negative emotions and energy and hence plays a vital role in your mental wellness. 

Our brain has been designed to release hormones like dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin when we exercise and get involved in physical activity. These are also termed the happy or feel-good hormones and help you relax. Hence, it helps you de-stress and feel calmer and even happier after you exercise.

You don’t have to exercise 7 days a week to be in great shape. You can schedule with your gym instructor and healthcare provider and go for a workout four or five times a week. However, we recommend you engage in some form of physical exertion at least once a day for about 20 mins to get in a better frame of mind. 

3. No Screen Time Before Bed

Using mobile or watching TV before bedtime is dangerous for a healthy sleep cycle. Various researches and studies have shown how screen time can reduce your sleep cycle, lead to insomnia and increase restlessness. It has been seen to be more prevalent in teenagers and young adults. 

Blue light from these devices affects the release of hormones like melatonin, affecting the sleep/wake cycle.

Hence, make sure that you make it your mission to put your devices to rest at least an hour before your bedtime and put your mind to rest. 

4. Stay Positive and Hopeful

Having a positive outlook and staying hopeful are two very important traits in times of adversity. It helps you cope better with your emotions and also helps maintain your mental and physical wellness. 

You need to be able to find a balance between your positive and negative emotions. 

As human beings, we experience emotions from both these extremes and often feel negative emotions more intensely than positive ones. However, you must navigate through them and look at the bright side of things. When doing so, you can be a bit more objective and analyze the situation much better.  

Moreover, we suggest that you try taking breaks from negative information and people who incite negative emotions inside you. It will help increase your positivity, and you become more physically and mentally well.

Bottom Line

We began this article by helping you understand the trade-off we unconsciously make between success and health. We must understand that we shouldn’t have to choose between our wellness and success, and anyone who says otherwise needs to be corrected. This is because choosing between the two often leads to discontentment and restlessness, and keeping them both side-by-side leads to a more fulfilling and healthy life. 

Follow the tips above to improve both your physical and mental wellness.


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